Toys of My Grandparents 1st e newsletter

This e newsletter has been generated in order to disseminate and valorize the outcomes of the Grundtvig Partnership Project "toys of my grandparents" which was approved by partner countries - NAs in 2010

The startup meeting of "Toys of My Grandparents" has been held in Austria, 03 -06 November 2010 which was attended by representatives from the partner countries; Turkey, Austria, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. Partners have presented their institutional capabilities and the initial steps that they have or will have taken in due course of time for the sake of Toys. It was great to see that the partner countries had brought their most relevant personnel to the meeting in Austria.
Gokhan Gozene has once again reminded about the objectives and activities that the consortium had promised in their application form. This was a good way of starting the meeting sessions as partners have both participated in taken decisions and realized the projects? initials. Partner countries have done their best to further develop the objectives within their institutional capabilities. Necessary amendments have been revised by the partners.

Respect your elders!

Partners have mainly focused on "toys integrated ICT courses" These courses will be held in every single partner country excluding Romania as Romania will act in other major roles such as; monitoring all the activities by providing professional level materials and preparing the questionnaires for TOM-Y survey. Going back to the debates on "toys integrated ICT courses" the ICT experts have done an enormous job to set the competences of ICT courses. This was not an easy task because the competences should be adjusted according to different needs of different countries which naturally have different priorities. The debates have resulted in a mutual understanding and agreement and the competences have been set clearly. In other words course methodology has been created.

The methodology of Toys Integrated ICT Course

- Toys integrated ICT courses will at the start latest in April and end at latest at the end of October. (It is natural that there will be differences in the scheduling of the courses as partners have own regulations)
- The target groups are installed at least in March.
- Minimum 5 people in each group, aged 50 + are considered to be the target groups.
- The competences and results of modules will be borne in mind to let us see which are the best practices and the results of the TOM-Y survey
- Partners will select their toys to integrate their courses with the beginning of ICT courses in their country.
- Each module will end with a toy integrated product which will be exhibited by the students themselves either during the meetings or during exhibitions which will make this project even more interesting. So, we are all excited to see the outcomes of our courses soon.
To see the objectives of this Grundtvig Project please visit us on

Here are the core employees of toys of my grandparents:

Coming up next!
Meeting in Poland on May 23rd Monday - 26th 2011 when we will present our students products which they will achieve by the end of ICT courses. Posters, pictures or even short movies of the products that the students will have achieved so far will also be presented in Poland exhibition. 2nd e newsletter will be published right after our meeting in in Poland. Stay with us!
Toys of my grandparents will be full throttle in following months and year with lots of outcomes and products for the sake of adult education across Europe.

I would like to thank to Ms. Doris Horvarth, her team and to DAFF - DACHVERBAND der Burgenländischen Frauen-, Mädchen- und Familienberatungsstellen for their warm welcoming and their best they have done during the meeting in Austria.

Burdur, Provincial National Education Directorate Bahcelievler Mh No:35 15100 Burdur - Turkey
ProEduca o.s. ,
Lodzki Uniwersytet Trzeciego Wieku im. Heleny Kretz,
Education Centre - Haskovo of Trakia University ,
Dachverband der burgenlaendischen Frauen, Maedchen und Famillienberatungsstellen ,
Volkshochschule Lingen GmbH ,
Universitatea ?Alexandru Ioan Cuza? Ia?i, Facultatea de Psihologie ?i ?tiinte ale
Educatiei ,
Seccion de Educacion Permanente de Villaluenga del Rosario 

2. Partnertreffen in Lodz

Logo of the project

The logo of our project was chosen durig the exhibitions held in Lodz/Poland. The majority of project concercium voted for the logo prepared by Polish adult learning.

3. Partnertreffen in Lingen, Deutschland (NRW)

Kreatives Schreiben war das Kernthema des dritten Partnertreffens. Außerdem wurden in einer Werkschau die bisher fertiggestellten Spielzeuge und Geschichten unserer Großeltern präsentiert und ausprobiert.

4. Partnertreffen in Burdur, Türkei

Partnertreffen Burdur
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